Jhonny Rockets shakes

Filet Mignon
2005/11/08 09:44:15
I recently had a chocolate shake at the Providence Place Mall Jhonny Rocket location. It was great. I have had their shakes before at other locations and found them to be very average. Have they improved at all stores, or just this one?
RE: Jhonny Rockets shakes 2005/11/08 10:02:34
I thought Johnny Rockets malts were way too sweet. The kids I took liked them, though.
(Union Station, Washington DC).

I actually think this is one place that has gone downhill.
I went to Johnny Rockets in Myrtle Beach about...oh...maybe 10 years ago.
It was great. Had a great time, food was good, service was great.

I think this explosion into the Malls has been bad news for the quality.
Filet Mignon
RE: Jhonny Rockets shakes 2005/11/08 12:47:50
They are also putting them on cruise ships, or more accuratly the cruise ships pay to put up a JR sign and staff it themselves. My cruise line sales rep tells me that the JR help gets extensive training in how to act the part. There is always a line at the shipboard JR, even though there is the same burger up on the lido deck buffet. The cruiseline put on a surcharge at the JRs to cut down on the line. (or so they say) All of the JRs I have ever been to have been in malls. I've been to the Burlington Mass mall (my first), Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach, and now Providence (RI) Place.