Worker of Chains-Tell All-Good and Bad

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2005/11/09 14:17:54
Hello All,
I am posting this to create understanding and be a better customer.
I love eating at chain food establishments, for the taste
and the prices. There are some places I avoid because of tales I have heard, others because I just don't like their food offering. There are stories and lore about the quality of the products and how certain workers in chains handle food ane their attitudes toward customers.
For example, a guy I work with now, told me that when he worked with DQ, he would take a burger and run it around the rim of a toilet if he was just ticked off at the customer or his manager. I really find that hard to believe. He's a blow-hard and likes to make himself important.
But workers of chains, open up.
Bitch about customers and mangament.
Tell us the terrors you do inflict on customers.
Tell us the terrots customeers and mangament inflicts on you.
And perhaps, if you can, tell us the good things about working at
a fast food franchise.
Also, how about good and bad stories about you and co-workers.
I ask this because I eat at fast food establishments often, but also because I want to know of your life.
Perhaps, I can become a better person.
Take Care,

RE: Worker of Chains-Tell All-Good and Bad 2005/11/09 14:59:39
What state do you live/work in?
RE: Worker of Chains-Tell All-Good and Bad 2005/11/10 11:27:37
Years ago, I was the Head of the DRBs(Dish-Run-Bus) at a Big Boy.

In this instance, the kitchen was running out of "garnish."
Which I put into quotes, because the garnish was simply kale and carrot spears.

The manager comes back and tells me to run the kale through the dishwasher and give it back to the line cooks so that they could have "garnish." (his thinking was that the customer never touches the raw kale on their plate and the dishwasher heat would kill the bacteria. Then he figured he'd run it under cold water and he'd have "fresh" usuable "garnish.")

After a short dispute, I finally said "NO #*%$ing WAY!" and didn't do it.
Boy was he mad. He actually started going through my garbage to find kale. I had to literally fling him out of the dish room and said, if he put his "filthy paws into my garbage once more, I was calling the board of health."

What a schmuck! There were TWO (count them...TWO) grocery stores across the street. And they were open. And he could've bought a box of kale.

Needless to say, that manager was eventually promoted to a position where he couldn't harm the customers...just the employees.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Worker of Chains-Tell All-Good and Bad 2005/11/11 05:39:45
Hello All,
Alesrus, I live and work in Virginia.
Take Care,