mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
2005/11/09 20:41:28


This coming Sunday, Nov. 13th at 12:30pm EST there will be an auction at Rib-Tip Tony's, a BBQ restaurant on St. Rt 64 just west of Georgetown, Indiana.(15 miles from the I-64 bridge to Louisville) I just saw the listing in the weekly paper that came out today.
I don't know if Tony has thrown in the towel, but it sounds like it. The listing of items range from a Vulcan Pizza Oven, a bunch of kitchen ranges (gas) pots pans scales, meat slicers and other kitchen equipment, to a 1989 Lincoln Stretch Limo with TV and bar. The ad claims there is a bunch of other restaurant 'stuff' included in the items. He has several large mobil (trailer mounted) cookers, but I don't see them on the list. They may not be included..
I am planning to attend. Tony has been in business here in this area for many years. If you are interested email me for further information. Payment to the auctioneer is by cash or "good check", Photo I D required.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: AUCTION, SUNDAY Nov 13th, BBQ RESTAURANT 2005/11/10 18:40:54


I drove around Rib Tip Tonys Business location today to see if I could tell anymore about the upcoming auction. There are a couple of farm wagons behind the place covered with boxes of kitchen utensils and implements. There are several (6 or more) trailer mounted BBQ Cookers of various sizes and conditions. Serving and customer tables and chairs are stacked on the veranda, and the major ranges and coolers etc are all in a row ready for Sunday. One of my sons will have to come with me, but I am going to get to this one, for sure !
Photos and feedback of prices for items will be posted after the auction. That will bring this thread back up front . Even if you aren't going to get there, it should prove interesting to see what the market price of this stuff is today !

We are wondering why the place is closing? He seems to have doing quite a good business between his restaurant and the catering of parties etc. Could it be a Reduction to a catering only format? Moving to a better location and starting over? Retiring? Sick of the business? We will let you know when we find out.