How Many Members?

Z66 Butch
2005/11/09 20:48:44
I looked at the member page and did not see a member count. By looking at the number of pages and the number of members on a page I came up with over 30,000 members, is that correct? I am a active member on another forum that has over 16,000 members and it's hard enough keeping up over there! Now that I have found this forum I doubt that I will ever get enough sleep!

Good forum guys!
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: How Many Members? 2005/11/09 22:38:01

If you look at the bottom of you will see the member count in the statistics.

As of now it is 30799 Members who have valid email addresses. I would guestimate 50% more than this have registered with a bad email address or never activated their account.
RE: How Many Members? 2005/11/09 23:38:20
There goes the Neighborhood!!!!!!!