Junior Burger
2003/05/27 14:55:13
One of the better places for pizza in Dallas is Campisi's Egyptian Restaurant on E.Mockingbird Lane, just east of North Central Expressway (I-75). It's been in business for years and has quite an historic past. Their other Italian offerings are pretty good as well.
Junior Burger
RE: Campisi's 2003/06/26 17:15:42
I remember Campisi's. I lived in the area from '87-'93 and went there many times. Their lasagna was really good too. Some people commented that their pizza was like a salt lick.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Campisi's 2003/06/27 02:35:13
Campisis is a Dallas institution. The crab claws are very popular too. I'm partial to the ground beef topping. It's one of the better pizzas around.