Fried Pickles

2005/11/12 14:18:13
Just visited 17th Street BBQ in Marion Ill and tried something different. I've had deep fried Pickle spears at a number of locations in different states. 17th Street had a different twist on the deep fried pickle, they had thinly sliced pickle chips that were deep fried and unusually good. On the BBQ side, I wasn't wowed.
mayor al
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/12 14:23:17

Pickle chips or "Fricles" are not common...but they do show up here and there in the Louisville area. The best I've enjoyed come from Gennies Diner in town. Get'em while they're Hot !!
carlton pierre
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/14 16:20:34
Best fried pickle chips I have had were at Blue and White in Tunica, MS. Best fried pickle spears were at The Pickle Barrel in Chattanooga.
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/14 16:48:32
Fried pickle chips are fairly common at catfish houses in the south.
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/15 08:04:03
I have never seen them at any of the fish camps here in North Carolina, but we have a local place,
Billie Jeans Grasshopper Farm that serves the fried pickle chips with either ranch or blue cheese dressing. Also, there is a place on Lake Wylie called the River Rat that has some really good ones.
RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/24 09:17:46
if your ever in nashville they've got great fried pickle spears at rotier's. and be sure to get a grilled cheeseburger on the side.
mr chips
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/27 12:11:25
Have had fried pickle spears at barbecue places in Portland and Memphis.Honestly don't understand the attraction.
RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/27 12:34:46
I have cooked (deep fried) these at home using the Claussen brand & to be honest, I found nothing special about them. I used the traditional wet & dry wash method. Tasted like, well, a hot dill pickle spear with a crust. It must be a southern thing, just like BBQ.

RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/27 13:04:04
Fried pickles are the specialty at a B-more pub that I go to, and I recently broke down and tried one. Not my speed at all -- just too, too salty. I like salty foods, but this was over the top. I almost wonder if I'd like fried bread and butter pickles better...maybe you'd get a sort of sweet and salty thing going. Hmmmmm...somebody try that and report back, OK?!
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/27 13:34:23
The "In-Between" which is between Dowagaic. Mi. and Cassopolis, Mi. have good fried dill pickles.

As You have guessed, they get their name from being in between Dowagaic and Cassopolis.
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/27 21:08:07
As has been noted elsewhere, fried dill pickles began as a last-ditch effort by a chef to put out food - ANY food - to feed anxious customers at The Hollywood Cafe in Hollywood, Mississippi. From that fated moment, their popularity has spread considerably.
One Athens establishment, The Blind Pig, always has them available. In fact, now I'll have to wander down there and have some in a few minutes, along with my first taste of their Brunswick stew.
My favorite eatery/drinkery, Copper Creek Brewing Co., offers fried pickles from time to time. The chef fried some up one night out of pure boredom; several customers (the regulars first, then others who noted the oddity and HAD to try some) ordered up some until the place ran plumb out of pickles.
Both of these examples use the standard Delta version: sliced pickles cut on the bias and breaded and fried. One nearby restaurant, The Berryman House in Bowman, Georgia, serves fried pickle spears. The people there were indeed amazed when I ordered up some with my breakfast!
Now I can't help but wonder what fried sweet pickle slices would taste like....
Cucumbersomely, Ort. Carlton in Chilly Athens, Georgia.
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RE: Fried Pickles 2005/11/28 00:26:59
it is a southern thing, hell we have deep fried versions of just about everything down here. (Twinkies, snickers, ice cream) They are good at Cock of the Walk in Maumelle, AR along with the catfish. Just stay away from the chicken there it tends to be very dry and tough. But they do have great fish, fried pickles, and tossed cornbread (they literally throw it up in the air right in front of you and catch it in a cast iron skillet at your table.
RE: Fried Pickles 2005/12/01 02:28:41
we were at a party and someone brought spiral cut fried pickles they were very thin and crispy, I liked them a lot. Since then I 've had spears and chips. I prefer the chips. Uncle Bubba's in Savannah has great chips. Be careful of the spears, they stay very hot for a longer than usual time when served.
RE: Fried Pickles 2005/12/18 22:44:03
Having tried fried pickles both ways I too like the chips better. I think the batter to pickle ratio works better. They give you the crunch with a tangy background. The spears are just too much hot pickle which I don't find a pleasant texture.

I don't really crave fried pickle either way which is strange give my love for most things fried and all things pickled.

Rick F.
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RE: Fried Pickles 2007/10/08 11:10:20
Michael Stern's[url='']review[/url] of the Penguin (10/02) shows fried pickles the way I like them best: kind of thin, so you taste the pickle but are not overwhelmed by it.