Fletcher's Smoked Sausages

Junior Burger
2005/11/14 19:05:33
Hi -

Brand new to the site, but the discussion of hot dogs and sausages caught my eye just in time to possibly be a resource for answering a question (boy, is that awkward English or what???): Does anyone know how to contact Fletcher's Meats (Product of Canada)?

These people (in my humble opinion) make the best hot dogs and smoked sausages on the planet, but finding them is extremely hit and miss. No one seems to consistently keep them in stock.

Many thanks,
Kurt Selvig
Portland, OR
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Fletcher's Smoked Sausages 2005/11/14 19:56:54
Welcome aboard. I can't help you myself, but have little doubt that somebody here will point you in the right direction.