Best Steakhouse in Orange County, CA?

Junior Burger
2005/11/16 16:28:18
Hi Everyone, new to the forum.. Stumbled upon this forum when I was doing a google search.

I was wondering if there are any GREAT steakhouses in Orange County, CA.

Just to give a list of what I consider great..

My top three steakhouses:
1) Peter Lugers - Brooklyn, NY
2) Bones - Atlanta, GA
3) Sparks - New York, NY

My favorite so far :
AK - Paris
DC - Sam & Harry's
IL - Chop House
LA - Ruth Chris
MD - Palm
MO - Forks III
OK - Cattlemans
TX - Delfriscos
WA - Metropolitan Grill

RE: Best Steakhouse in Orange County, CA? 2005/11/17 00:59:30
It's been a number of years since I lived in the OC, but I don't recollect there being an independent steakhouse per se, which stood out. There's a Morton's by South Coast Plaza of course. There's a Ruth's Chris in Irvine. Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar - an Orange County classic - has great prime rib. The Chart House (a chain to be sure) in Newport Beach (Pacific Coast Highway) has good beef and those great Charthouse views.

The OC has a lot of tremendous eating places. I miss many things about living there. But, OC original steakhouses don't come readily to mind. But, I have been away for a number of years.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Steakhouse in Orange County, CA? 2006/01/12 08:05:28
I like the Revere House in Tustin.
Junior Burger
RE: Best Steakhouse in Orange County, CA? 2006/02/18 18:23:47
Wow, looks like you have been to some great steakhouses around the country. Recently been a big influx of top tier places in OC (Mastro's, Fleming's and a few others), but the one place I keep going back to is a place that not only has great steak, but is just a great place to take in and enjoy, and that's Trabuco Oaks in Trabuco Canyon. Prices have jacked up the last few years but are still under the Morton's/Ruth's Chris level. Very casual, but great steaks cooked over mesquite. And the shoestring fries are among the best anywhere!