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Junior Burger
RE: Wetson's 2008/08/20 16:39:33
I worked at the Wetsons in Pine Brook in the early 60s and at Kiddyland before that. I remember I was under age at kiddy land so I made 75 cents and hour. I also made the french fries. The burger place further down by the auction and kiddyland was Kelly's hamburgers John
RE: Wetson's 2008/08/20 16:47:08
Welcome aboard, John. Keep those post's coming.
Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
RE: Wetson's 2008/08/20 17:05:49
Pinebrook and Route 46...That's way West on 46...Lived in Bergen County until 1980...Never heard of the place. Hey, head east from Pine Brook past Terterboro Airport to the Little Ferry Circle (actually the circle is sort of gone) and turn right....Right to Tracy's Nine Mile House for their famous steak sandwich
Junior Burger
RE: Wetson's 2008/08/20 18:07:58
Thanks, I also worked for Bob Cobb, who was the second auctioneer at the Pine Brook Auction. I left for college in the fall of 1965.
Junior Burger
RE: Wetson's 2008/08/20 19:14:54
Originally posted by duke the dog

I recall Wetsons in Fairfield,ct. and in Bridgeport, ct. It was a Macs copy but not even as good. The co. folded in the 70s. The Ffld. store was famous because they sold dope over the counter. got busted too. The Fairfield location is now a DUCHESS. GREAT PLACES>>>>>

I remember the Bridgeport Wetson's, I grew up on the east side of Bridgeport and my Mom took me there all the time. I was in grammar school at the time. I drive by what is now the Fairfield Duchess twice a day! Who knew they were selling drugs, thats hilarious.
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