Feltner's Whataburger- Russellville, Ark

Junior Burger
2003/05/28 14:19:33
If you want a great burger, stop by the original Feltner's Whataburger in Russellville. Definitely the best burger I've had, and quite possibly the world's greatest onion rings too!
Art Deco
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Feltner's Whataburger- Russellville, Ark 2003/05/28 17:52:45
I wouldn't say it was the best I've had, but it was one of the most fun! It's good and a definite thumbs-up experience! You just don't find places like this very often anymore...
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Feltner's Whataburger- Russellville, Ark 2003/05/28 20:46:29
[url='http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overview.aspx?RefID=59']Here[/url] it is.
RE: Feltner's Whataburger- Russellville, Ark 2003/05/30 23:13:48
Russellville's my new home town (been here a month), and the cheeseburgers at Whattaburger are fantastic, and the shakes are some of the best I've ever had. If you go, though, remember that a large order of fries is REALLY large--my husband and I couldn't finish the order we split.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Feltner's Whataburger- Russellville, Ark 2003/05/31 08:08:58
I agree with pogophiles. While burgers (and sides) from the Russellville, AR, Whattaburger are really good, they are not the world's best. That title would go to either the thick juicy pub burgers from Port of Call on Esplanade in New Orleans or to the thin, crispy burgers from Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs, MS. They are both so good but so different, guess I'd have to say both are the world's best. It's worth the usual wait to get a table at Port of Call. Burgers from Phillips Grocery in Oxford, MS, are good but not quite as good as those from the original in Holly Springs. The cheeseburger is really my favorite at Port of Call (get baked potato topped with shredded cheddar to accompany it), and the single rather than the double burger is my favorite at Phillips Grocery. It is just more "crispy" and has more flavor. If you are really hungry, buy two single burgers there rather than one double. Know a number of people who agree with me on the Phillips single being "tastier" than the double. I do hope that everyone who really appreciates & enjoys burgers will at some time get to try the Port of Call and Phillips Grocery burgers .