Hostess products

2005/11/22 11:18:53
I used to love the Hostess Blackberry pies when I was younger as did my mom but we can't find them anymore (we live in Michigan). I have looked and e-mailed IBC, but they replied that you can't buy certain products in certain areas. I googled Hostess Blackberry pies and I found a site where you can order Apple, Cherry, Lemon, and Blackberry pies and also Chocodiles and Caramel Ho-Ho's. I was so excited that I had to share my news. They are a great deal, I am getting 10 pies (they come in lots of 10) and with tax and everything they are only $20.50. In the store a pie costs around $1.00 anyway so it's worth it. I hope I made someone else's day too!!
Filet Mignon
RE: Hostess products 2005/11/22 15:49:02
Isn't Google great? I made a big mistake when I scoffed at the IPO. As for the pies, I will not be ordering any, but it is nice to know that I could.
RE: Hostess products 2005/11/28 09:37:33
Upon further investigation of the site I went to which was I found out you can also order the Hostess Raspberry-filled powdered doughnuts and Hostess zingers as well as a few other tasty Hostess treats. I've read on different topics on this site about the raspberry filled doughnuts but have never seen them before and I know that other people have inquired about them as well so I just wanted to pass this along.