Williams, AZ and neighbors

Junior Burger
2003/05/29 21:30:28
We'll be travelling around Williams, AZ, Las Vegas, and St. George UT trying to make the major canyons in June. What's out there besides beautiful scenery?
Junior Burger
RE: Williams, AZ and neighbors 2003/06/22 18:49:00
I will be travling I-40 to the 666 to Pagosa Springs, Colo.where should I eat?
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Williams, AZ and neighbors 2003/06/22 19:39:52
A couple of places I haven't seen comments on here...Just outside the west entrance to Zion (my favorite N P) in Springdale there is a pie shop/cafe/Inn that has a great berry pie...Name- The BUMBLEBERRY INN It is on the main street, and has a large sign declaring the quality of the pies! here is a link to it--http://www.bumbleberry.com/
On one of the other threads comments were made about the casino buffets in Mesquite,NV. If you want a Buffet that doesn't have the madhouse ambience of the Vegas Hotels, and for less money, try one of them. I like the Oasis, but it is one of the older casinos, see the thread for more info. Mesquite is at the 126 mile post on I-15, just inside NV at the Arizona border. here is the link to the casino's in Mesquite. http://www.visitmesquite.com/casinos/index.html

In Page AZ, near the Glen Canyon Dam, On top of the hill, is a cafe worth a stop. We stop there each trip thru, and have never been dissatisfied. Here is a link to the Town of Page AZ, click on the dining list. http://www.page-lakepowell.com/
Backroad Jack
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RE: Williams, AZ and neighbors 2003/06/22 20:18:16
The restaurant in Springdale, Utah is called
Bumbleberry, at 897 Zion Park Boulevard, stopped
there a couple of years ago and had their Bumble-
berry pie with vanilla ice cream. Not to bad.
Jack from outside of Boston.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Williams, AZ and neighbors 2003/06/22 23:51:41
Jack, Thanks, I made the correction in my post and added a link to their website
RE: Williams, AZ and neighbors 2003/06/23 08:40:43
I, too, will vouch for the Bumbleberry. Enjoyed several meals there on a recent Zion run, each prepared with fresh ingredients and lots of care. And despite the pull of other joints up and down the strip that leads to the park's entrance, I always found myself going back. Elsewhere in Springdale, try the Bit and Spur.

As always, avoid the food service inside the park itself.