International Beef

Junior Burger
2005/12/12 18:03:00
Hi Guys...this is my first comment made on this site. What are the top five Australian Beef companies? I'm looking for the names of publicly traded companies that export the most beef (especially to Japan)and have the highest revenues. Thanks!
Filet Mignon
RE: International Beef 2005/12/13 03:15:42
Are you looking for them as investments? If so, are you looking for stocks traded in the US or only in Australia? The largest, I believe is Australian Agricultural Company Ltd. ( ), traded in Australia and possibly on the "pink sheets" here as AUAPE.OB . But I don't think it's traded on any US exchange and I doubt any of the smaller ones are either--but if you explain what you have in mind, I'll look further into it.
Junior Burger
RE: International Beef 2005/12/13 09:37:55
Yes, I'm looking for a good investment. Japan announced that it will probably lift the ban on U.S. beef. However there are new standards that make it difficult for U.S. beef to flourish. The Japanese enjoy the older, fatter cows (better marbling), but the U.S. can't send any cattle over 20 months old. Also, 2/3's of the Japanese people said they wouldn't trust American beef. So American Beef's substitute, Australian beef, would be a good investment...unless it's too late. So I need an Aussie company traded on a U.S. exchange.