CSD - Chicken Booyah?

TJ Jackson
2005/12/16 01:04:23
I read a post allegedly :-) by you on the Chowhound Midwest Board


talking about Chicken Booyah. Never heard of it before, but the baseline google on the subject seemed to indicate is was a Wisconson-only thing, which makes it regional as all get out and very topical here.

Care to describe?
Filet Mignon
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 08:26:27
Hey CSD, when you go to Maricque's do you get your sandwich with or without?
Donna Douglass
Double Cheeseburger
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 09:35:06
Typed in keyword Booyah and found a recipe for Booyah, a thick chicken stew. The recipe made 25 gallons and did sound hearty. Very interesting. Booyah is derived from a French word, can't recall what it is. Just try Keyword.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 09:59:32
And I though Booyah was what Marines yelled after they ate chicken at the mess hall. Live and learn.

Actually, a 25 gallon recipe does sound like it was written by a mess cook.
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 10:59:47
My Dad was from Greenleaf Wisconsin and had 14 in his family and we used to all gather there every year for a "Chicken Booyah" picnic. It consisted of a bunch of carrots,(maybe chopped in half and washed if you were lucky)20 chickens roughly chopped and thrown in bones, skin and all, 20 lbs. of egg noodles, and whatever else they came up with. YUK. The dish originated from the area by the French and Belgian border. I beleive there is a recipe for it in the latest Joy of Cooking. The picnic was fun, but I ate the Brats.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 11:10:47
I have to admit I've never had chicken booyah, but I have used Booyah baits for walleyes. Booyah is a Wisconsin company.
Filet Mignon
RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 11:18:38
I've never eaten booyah. I only know of it from those who've enjoyed it while in Green Bay attending a Packer's game. Check out http://www.uwgb.edu/wisfrench/kitchen/booyah.htm and click on "Walloon Belgian settlers" and "letter" to find the answer to all booyah questions from the expert.

RE: CSD - Chicken Booyah? 2005/12/16 13:38:39
It's not that far from "booyah" to "burgoo," that Kentucky chicken plus whatever stew, no is it? Something to ponder.