Trip report Colorado Front Range

2005/12/16 15:24:12
Whoo! What a trip!
Last week DH and I headed to Loveland Co. for an art show reception I have a piece in (my first juried show!- it's been traveling around the country and we kept missing it). We got into Denver *8* hours later than we were originally supposed to (ice on runways in DFW delayed everything).

During bird watching the next day with a member of the Ft. Collins Audubon Soc. we stopped at Poppy's in Estes Park right outside Rocky Mountain National Park. I had a pretty good individual pizza with garlic, spinach, and bacon. Terry had a green chili cheesburger that looked fantastic and he said was great. We tried a local microbrew (can't remember the name)root beer that had the flavors of vanilla and honey added. A little strange.
That evening we ate at a place across from our hotel in Loveland called "McGraff's". It had a chain kind of feel, but I'm not sure. My shepard's pie tasted mostly of celery and didn't have enough meat (they use lamb), but Terry's London Broil was very tasty!

THe next morning instead of the hotel free breakfast we wandered around town and found a place called "The Villiage Inn". Had the feel of a Denny's and I've found out since that it *is* a chain. But we had a decent breakfast. I had ham & cheese crepes. Lunch ended up being finger food at the reception at the museum and dinner was at a very posh place in Boulder - the Kitchen. With a name like that you won't expect it to be quite so upscale! But in many ways it was the most "local color" experience of the trip as much of the meat and produce comes from local farms.

Sunday we finally got to two of the places recommended on Roadfood - Johnson's Corner and the Buckhorn Exchange. Going to Johnson's on Sunday afternoon was perhaps not the best choice - very busy!!!! But when we did get our meals - both had chicken fried steak - it was excellent! It'll be a long time before I can find CFS like that. Guess I'll have to wait for Alton's show! The Buckhorn was an experience! having the ancestor's of the animals you are consuming staring at you during the meal is a little diconcerting. Especially when they are wearing Santa hats and jingle bells! But the elk was good - even though I didn't see much difference between it and very lean beef. And I also had quail with prickly pear sauce. Interesting, very sweet. We passed on the dessert at Buckhorn because we still had a "ginormous" sweet roll from Johnson's in the car!

And lastly - tried Dickey's BBQ Brisket at DFW airport on the trip home. If it is that good at the airport, I can only imagine how good it is in the restaurant. yum!

Thanks for all you suggestions and I hope my comments will help someone in the future.

mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/17 05:26:20
Interesting report. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/17 07:39:29

Thanks Cathy. Good Report. But how did you fare with the Art Show??
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/17 07:41:51
Cathy, I have a interest in birding also. How was the bird watching?

I was in Colorado with a friend a few years ago at a huge cattle ranch where they had a sale.

There was a beautiful river that ran through the ranch and I saw several bald eagles.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/17 21:07:39
Glad everyone enjoyed the report

Al - the Art Show wasn't judge - no "First, Second, Third". Being accepted into the show (one of fifty out of about 160 entries from all over the world) was prize enough. I supposed I could have put the piece up for sale, but I love him too much - he's a beaded red-headed woodpecker.

Paul - We had a grand time birding. Obviously winter isn't the best time to see birds, but I picked up 14 new ones. No Eagles
I've seen both Bald and Golden Eagles, but I realy wanted to see the GEs again. Best bird - American Dipper. Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park is beautiful.

Cathy, who is sorry for the off topic post
mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/17 23:52:54
Don't apologize. I am not a birder but i enjoyed my visits to Hawaii and Bentsen State park in south Texas, where I saw a lot of unique birds.
RE: Trip report Colorado Front Range 2005/12/18 21:38:14
thanks for the post been looking for more colorado info since my daughter moved to denver.