Best Buffalo Wings in Boston??

Junior Burger
2005/12/27 11:40:23
Please Inform.Im craving and have found no good ones yet.
RE: Best Buffalo Wings in Boston?? 2005/12/27 21:24:43
Try the Sunset Grill and Tap. 130 Brighton Ave., Allston. Three different flavors......regular (for the wimps), atomic and nuclear. Place is mainly loaded with college kids.....but the burgers and chicken sandwiches are fabulous. They have a small beer selection......100 on tap and about 300 in the bottle, with an awesome selection of Belgians!
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Buffalo Wings in Boston?? 2006/07/29 12:20:38
Check out Wing It on Comm. Ave. on the "B" line. Its the Packards Corner stop. I haven't been to Boston in a few years and but I ate there a lot when I lived in Allston. I really dug their boneless "wings". Definitely not chicken fingers. Really meaty and the sauces had amazing flavor.