Young's Jersey Dairy

Fire Safety Admin
2003/06/01 17:45:38
I visited Young's jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH which is just a few miles south of Springfield, OH. It has two restaurants, farm animals, two gift shops, a working dairy and a multitude of other family things to do. I was impressed by the dairy products and the creamiest ice cream I have ever had and in addition I had a cheeseburger, onion rings and other baked goods which where excellent. Nothing is served off the line. Even french fries are served to order. What you get is fresh and hot no matter what. Their total property is immense, scenic, clean and interesting. the place was packed, but they have a system and it is good. I bought some of their jersey cheese which was excellent, I bought cheddar, farmer and hot pepper. Had it with some Clois Du Bois this evening. Great.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
carlton pierre
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2004/07/21 18:40:20
Wow, I've not heard of Young's Dairy Farm for the past 11 years that I've lived in Knoxville. I used to go there 30 years ago when I was in college at Miami U. Of course it was pretty much just a dairy farm that sold great donuts. they may have had ice cream then I don't remember.
Thanks for the memories!!

carl reitz
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2004/07/27 11:23:54
I've been there and have gotten their ice cream on several occassions. It's great!! I have yet to eat an actual meal there! I go to Cedarville University, about 20 minutes from Young's. It's a popular hang out!

Junior Burger
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2005/06/30 16:45:10
A favorite drive for me, and a halfway meeting place when my college roommates lived in Urbana and I lived in Cincinnati.

We used to call it "the cow place."
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2005/07/29 01:37:45
Ah, growing up in Fairborn Ohio, Young's was a total hangout on the weekends. If they didn't invent cookie dough ice cream, they certainly perfected it. And the bakery turns out some great sticky buns and stuffed croissants. Everytime I go back the place gets bigger and bigger.

Go to Young's, visit the barn, pet the baby animals, feed the goats, then go wash your hands and get an ice cream and go hang out on the tractor. Big fun!
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2006/10/11 09:17:27
Count me as a big fan of Young's Jersey Dairy. Even though this place is far from being a small mom and pop operation, I think the ice cream is terrific. And they get bonus points that you can get a couple scoops as early as 6:00AM! My usual routine when I am in the area is Clifton Mill for breakfast and then to Young's. It doesn't seem fair that the people in this area have both Young's and Graeter's to choose from.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2006/10/11 10:09:34
I love this place. Particularly buying the dairy products to take home. They have heavy cream so thick you have to spoon it out of the little bottle. I mean, your veins practically close just by looking at the stuff. Their cheeses are exceptionally good too.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2006/10/11 10:52:56
Thanks for the recommendation of Young's cheeses....I haven't tried them. Next time for sure. Any cheese in particular?
Junior Burger
RE: Young's Jersey Dairy 2006/10/11 12:27:07
I was born in Springfield, so I know Young's well. Everytime I return north, I have to go there to get their magnificent ice cream. Its definately the best around. Milkshakes are out-of-this-world!