Keene, NH Fritz Belgian Fries

2005/12/29 08:02:01
I had the pleasure of traveling up to Keene, NH recently and stumbled upon Fritz Belgian Fries in the back of a shopping center. Wonderful, twice fried Connecticut potatoes. Panini sandwiches, huge basket of fries and Belgian Beer. Quite a treat and the fries were absolutely the best I've ever had. Ambiance is a bit strange. Not really a bar, not really a fast food restaurant but I'm not complaining.
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RE: Keene, NH Fritz Belgian Fries 2005/12/29 10:05:11
Thanks ... looks like a good find.
RE: Keene, NH Fritz Belgian Fries 2005/12/30 18:30:40
You got Belgian Fries in Keene? Wow! They're going to be as sophicated as Vermont soon!

Well, you're lucky to get a good Frites find. When I lived in France (on the Belgian border) me and friends would go up to Mons, get frites in a paper cone and stand on the sidewalk and eat while the pidgeons cooed around us for a morsel. I always got the "Sauce Americaine" on mine....a kind of tartar with tomato paste and something hot. Perfect for those hot, crispy fries. After that, we crossed the square and went to our favorite cafe for a Chimay Bleu or a Rochefort.
RE: Keene, NH Fritz Belgian Fries 2006/01/01 08:35:29
Ah, that's the way life should be. I'd even consider wearing a beret. Frites in Keene will have to do for now, just for the opportunity to order "pommes frites" without someone looking at you funny.