Karl's Sausage Kitchen

Junior Burger
2003/03/03 14:43:15
Stop in at Karl's on Rte. 1 North in Saugus and look in awe at the immaculate deli case full of German specialties. Karl's is a butcher shop and charcuterie only, so you're going to do the cooking. The place is as clean as an operating room, and the sausages are magnificent. My favorites are the coarse bratwurst, and they have excellent headcheese and Black Forest ham. And lo and behold, they even make their own frankfurters! Trust me your sausage consumption will go up when you find this place.
Junior Burger
RE: Karl's Sausage Kitchen 2003/07/30 03:32:19

I have been going to Karl's since 1962.
I hadn't been there for many years, but when I stepped through their door I was transported back in time. Everything was the same as I remembered as a child -- especially the wonderfully smoky spicy smell! The lanjager (hunter sausage) is my favorite. It's like a wonderfully exotic smoky tasting salami. My other "must-haves" when I make a pilgrimage are the weissewurst, or non-coarse bratwurst; their fabulous frankfurters; and the black forest bread.