Shoops's Diner

Z66 Butch
2006/01/13 16:55:06
I guess this is a chain, we passed one in Warsaw yesterday. It looks like a old diner car but was larger. I seached online and could not find a homepage for them but did find that they have other locations and most folks love their burgers and fries! Have any of you tried them? Do they have a webpage?

RE: Shoops's Diner 2006/01/13 20:29:06
They're based out of northwest Indiana. They had a Chicago outlet for a short while about 17 years ago, located at the corner of Irving Park and Lincoln Avenue.

Pretty good stuff. Steak and Shake style burgers; a ball of beef mashed down on the griddle as it cooks. As I recall, they call the burgers "Mickeys".

I took my daughters there once when they were little. The eight year old, who could read the menu, ordered a "Mickey with cheese." I ordered the same. My five year old (who couldn't read but wanted to prove her ordering independence) decided she wasn't that hungry and wanted something smaller than the "Mickey". Thinking the "Mickey" was named after Mickey Mouse (don't know why, there's absolutely no Disney paraphernalia here at all), she said in a very blase tone, "I'll just have a 'Minnie'".