Polish guy
2006/01/16 11:17:51
Where can I find great POLISH food in the Chicago area? Places to sit down and eat, and stores to buy uncooked?
RE: POLISH 2006/01/16 11:31:06
You'll probably get plenty of responses with first hand experiences here... But until then, found this list on the net: http://centerstage.net/restaurants/styles/polish.html
Double Cheeseburger
RE: POLISH 2006/01/16 11:56:44
The Red Apple gets plenty of good local press coverage. I have never eaten there.
Born in OKC
RE: POLISH 2006/01/17 21:59:15
Is Teresa's still open in Jeff Park? Across the street from a pork butcher and around the corner from the Blueline station.

I ate there a number of times several years ago and thought it was great.

I hope some Chigagoan will give an update.
The Mikado
RE: POLISH 2007/06/12 14:42:45
The Red Apple IS good. But don't forget the delis! If I had to choose, I'd market shop over eating out.

Fortunately, however, I DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: POLISH 2007/06/14 07:34:45
The best Polish deli ( for me) is Kasia's at approx. 2200 W. Chicago Ave. The are other good deli's on Western near Chicago Ave. I also like Rich's Deli on the corner of Iowa and Western.

As I stated in a past post, fo rmy money, Anjez's grill at approx. 1046 N. Western Ave. is a Polish culinary treasure. The best homemade periogis in Chicago! and has many other great dishes.

Enjoy, after eating there let me know how your experience was.
Junior Burger
RE: POLISH 2007/06/14 17:16:52
The best on the SW side used to be Tatra Inn on Pulaski, but they are currently closed. They are still looking for a new location, so I'm not giving up on them. If you want to call them to keep the pierogi in their ear call (773)582-8313. Meanwhile, Bobak's is a near second on Archer Ave.
The Mikado
RE: POLISH 2007/06/15 12:14:18
I asked elsewhere, but will add it here. Where to go for the best cabbage rolls?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: POLISH 2007/06/15 18:08:46
Kasias Deli on Chicago Ave. HANDS DOWN !!!!
The Mikado
RE: POLISH 2007/06/19 12:03:55
It is now on my list...and my hands WILL be down...on top of some cabbage rolls!

I believe Andy's Deli (West Division) is where I've gotten them before. Anyway, I had to throw something together for a friend of mine who was on his way up there with his family. Wish I'd had this then, but I will definitely have it as a future reference (and will do a little research on it, too)!
RE: POLISH 2007/07/20 21:31:53
Polish guy, all I know is that once my brother took me to a Polish bakery in Chicago, where no one but us spoke English. I always think of it when I hear the part of the current immigration debate about speaking English!
Junior Burger
RE: POLISH 2007/08/02 15:07:21
Helen's In the Chicago burbs on Irving Park Rd just west of hwy. 83 Very close to Ohare Airport. Its a Polish buffet OR off the menu for around 10.00