Butcher Boy Meats North Andover, MA

Junior Burger
2003/03/03 15:11:10
You're doing the cooking but when you are in need of restaurant quality beef and you live within ice cooler distance of North Andover, MA, make the trip. This icon lies at the junction of Rte.'s 125 and 133 and has grown over the years to the size of a small supermarket. Upon entering, you stare an "acre of beef" in the face. Tremendous porterhouses, bone-in sirloin, club sirloin, New York sirloin, ribeyes and filets. They also grind fresh "kima", (triple ground top round prepared to be eaten raw in an Armenian dish)that I use to make steak tartare for lunch all the time. The butchers where lab coats and shirt and tie, as they are all top notch professionals. They also have select pork cuts, steakhouse fresh calves liver and really, really good house made Italian sausages. Full liquor license, gourmet and regular groceries, and their own tabbouleh and baked beans stand out in an excellent prepared foods section. They also stock premium chunk hardwood charcoal so you can cook your steaks right!
Junior Burger
RE: Butcher Boy Meats North Andover, MA 2003/03/17 21:02:14
You're right on! Butcher Boy is the best. The also carry great baked goods and a super wine selection. While you're at the meat counter, ask the butcher what "Prime" cuts they have. For a small amount more than you'd pay for their "choice" cuts, you can get real gourmet steakhouse quality. It's worth the difference! Happy shopping!!
Junior Burger
RE: Butcher Boy Meats North Andover, MA 2003/03/17 21:51:58
A fun place is the Grate Steak (not a misspelling) in the Norfolk area. At least two locations I know of -- not sure of directions. The usual salad bar. But you order the meat -- pretty good quality -- and they bring it to you raw. You then stand up and go to a great big charcoal grill and YOU cook the steak. See how good you are. Potatos and bread are at the grill for toasting. (For an extra two bucks or something, they will cook the steak). It's a nice place with a nice atmosphere.
Junior Burger
RE: Butcher Boy Meats North Andover, MA 2003/04/07 21:18:31
Imagine my surprise to see the Butcher Boy listed on Roadfood! I have extremely fond memories of that place.

My aunt, who came to the United States from France immediately following World War II, has been doing business with those folks for nigh on 50 years. They've still got the best meat ever. I don't think there's a better butcher shop around.

Do yourself a favor and pass on the Russ Treadwell's Ice Cream next door though. Bleh.

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Butcher Boy Meats North Andover, MA 2003/04/07 22:05:28
The Iowa Beef Steak House in Des Moines did/do their steaks and chops that way(I don't know if it is still in business). The best part of the deal is- after a long day's roadtrip, it is fun to stand around and share a conversation with another 'Chef/Griller' while you do your steak. Another bennie of the place is that you get to choose your meat from the rack of those available...makes for a great dinner.