The Rib Crib?

2006/01/18 17:24:44
I wasn't entirely sure where to put this with a few restaurants in a few states I'm not sure if it is fast food altho a franchise.

Has anyone ever been to the rib crib my dad wanted me to ask because one just opened up in Searcy, AR and he was wanting to take the family there to eat but wasn't sure about prices or if it was worth it.

Can anyone help?

mayor al
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RE: The Rib Crib? 2006/01/18 17:57:44

Here's a link to their web-site. [url][/url]

Since they don't list prices on their sample menus on the web-site, I am only guessing, but based on the size of the company, and the appearance of the food and web-site arrangement I would estimate it in the same price range as the Roadhouse chains (Texas and Logan's) and Famous Dave's BBQ.
I have not had the experience of eating at one of the Ribcrib stores, So this is just a guess on my part. I don't think I would drive very far out of my way to try it, but if I were hungry and saw one I might stop!
RE: The Rib Crib? 2006/01/18 22:06:35
lol I hear ya I wouldn't deliberately look for one I'm more of a homestyle bbq person not a big chain restaurant since you don't know if they are really grilling them or smoking their food or if it's pre made or something but my dear sweet dad loves trying every new restaurant that comes our way be it good or bad!

He went to this one rib place and paid 25 dollars for a deluxe bbq meal and he got 2 small ribs, a small portion of brisket, one small hunk of stale cornbread, and some nasty iced tea he flipped out at the portion sizes and the food was terrible he asked for a refund and got it and left without eating it all.
Howard Baratz
RE: The Rib Crib? 2006/01/18 22:20:20
Rib Crib started in Tulsa and, as with most of these kinds of places, was pretty good in the beginning but the quality and consistency has been watered down as the amount of franchised locations has grown. You can still get a good BBQ meal there on occassion but it is very hit and miss.

By the way, for you old football fans, Rib Crib was started (and I believe is still run by) Bret Chandler, whose dad Don played for the Packers.
RE: The Rib Crib? 2006/01/19 00:19:51
Hmmm Maybe we should avoid it then I really hate eating bad bbq and really don't like going to a bbq place unless I've been there before or know of their rep.

Thanks for helping me out guys sorry I'm not around as often Hunter is pushing 16 months old now and he's a real pill LOL :)

rib master
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RE: The Rib Crib? 2006/01/25 20:40:20
I couldn't agree more; most chains cut corners on quality. However, Rib Crib still smokes their meats the old fashioned a real smoker on-site. You will get some of the best-flavored meats you will ever have! They are a sit-down restaurant too, so you can sit and relax.