Spanish Tapas

Junior Burger
2003/03/03 15:26:58
If you haven't been to Dali, in Union Square Somerville, MA, get a date and get a taste of this lusty and sensual food! Tapas are small plates to share with drinks and make for a fun, romantic experience. The prosciutto-like Serrano ham can be found in the list, along with stuffed squid in their own ink, a killer wine list including a full range of traditional sherries, from the flinty-dry finos to the rich room, too.
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Spanish Tapas 2003/03/03 16:32:29
Let me chime in here. Please help me as to what the attraction is to this place. I live about 2 minutes away, have tried it several times, see the long lines all the time, but have found the food to be greasy and not particularly flavorful. I recommend walking across the street and try EVOO and order the Cornmeal Fried Oysters with Goat Cheese Fondue and Apple-Bacon Salsa. It is a little upscale, but they are the best fried oysters in the world.
Junior Burger
RE: Spanish Tapas 2003/03/07 22:17:10
Pity you don't like Dali, it has been a couple of years, but I enjoyed the experience 6 or 7 times over the course of 3-4 years or so. I'm not sure I would say "greasy" is what I remember. One might say "salty" for sure, this stuff is designed to get you drinking after all. Still, I maintain my fond memories of good company and great food and drink there and look forward to going again. I had some terrific times there!
RE: Spanish Tapas 2003/05/23 12:43:16
Does anyone know of a good tapas resturant in Michigan?? Went to Las Tapas in the DC area and I'm hooked.
RE: Spanish Tapas 2007/12/16 22:55:12
Mr. Jennie took me to a Tapas place in Frederick, Maryland last night. Wow! It's called Isabella's, and is owned by ... wait for it ... a Turk. Seriously. The guy and his partners own several Frederick restaurants, including Brewer's Alley.

In any event, Isabella's is fabulous! Probably the best dish we had (and the most popular, according to the waiter) was the dates stuffed with chorizo wrapped in bacon and batter fried with a sweet creamy goat cheese sauce. OMG!!! " /> Fantastic! We started out, though, with venison slices in a rich gravy with walnuts and pomegranate seeds. Also, sliced duck breast on crispy salad greens. Those were terrific, but so was the baked brie slice on toast, topped with a fresh grilled orange slice with toasted sesame seeds and flaked almonds. Mmmmmmmm! We had such a great time, and finished up with coffee and a plate of Spanish cheeses. What a night!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Spanish Tapas 2007/12/17 20:19:53
Dali sounds great! From the description, it sounds as if it is a tapas/mezze sort of place. Spanish and Middle Eastern. I would love that.
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RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/15 06:47:25
My question is not about any specific American restaurant.

In Spain, do tapas bars typically serve sangria or sherry or what kind of wine with the food?

Does it vary by region or from city to city?
Filet Mignon
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/15 07:28:11
FWIW, The restaurant has a web site:
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/16 08:18:04
What a great thread. As a teacher,I've taken students on many trips to Europe. One memorable one was to Spain. We enjoyed the "Tapas" bars often. One night in Madrid we wandered with our plates from bar to bar, each serving their own assortment of these ordevours(oh God,help with spelling!) Well, many are regular bars and we got a drink (Adults of course)at the first..and left the glass at the another drink...and so one seemed to mind that routine.We kept trying different tapas as we went...Madrid residents stay up VERY late doing this. What a GREAT way to socialize and share great food and wine. Repeated this in other areas in Spain,but this was the biggest party,the one in Madrid!
Once I took a group to a great Tapas bar in Seville..but half my students were taken in by a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint. They wanted to try Spanish Kentucky Fried Chicken. Turned out,they said,it tasted the same...and what a great experience they missed! How sad.
I've since seen Tapas bars in Manhattan...but the atmoshere and experience just aren't the same!
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RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/16 14:11:19
Just a Q:
Why does this thread already have 2038 views/reads since Mar. 3 and only 8 posts? Just wondering...

PS: Chinese Buffets, a bit forther down, had 15,610! (since 2005 however)
ann peeples
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/16 14:36:56
NYNM-in my case,I am curious about tapas, but have never had the experience of enjoying them.My parents went to Spain twice in the 70s and just loved the whole idea and the food.I am curious about peoples experience, and am hoping for more reports..
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/03/17 05:22:01
Same here....Tapas is fun...and the thread brought back wonderul memories...see there, now you have a few more entries....any one else like Tapas?????
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/04/12 14:09:39
I got a tapas cookbook for Christmas this year, but haven't actually tried any. I should.
RE: Spanish Tapas 2008/04/12 14:38:46
A meal of finger foods and smalll ordevours is such a great idea.I've heard of having Tapas parties..tapas and a great wine, even if you keep in theme and serve a great Sangria...what a wonderful summertime party idea. Jennie, go through that book mand pick some favorites...and give it a try...Share your ideas with us!