snow cone wachines. what type?

EddyBees Dogs
2006/01/23 01:54:27
What is the best snow cone maker and why? Is the hawaiain ice type the new really good thing? Is the old chunky ice a better way to go? Can you only use block ice in them? What flavor brand is best? Will they intefere with other appliances if run off a generator? I have seen most types run around $400 on ebay, and some going for more. Can you make ice with the machines at one location, and serve it up out of a cooler at another? I would be doing some high volume events. Anyone, please help me before I spend a bunch of money on something that isnt worth it. Thanks, Ed
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: snow cone wachines. what type? 2006/01/23 05:18:05
As a consumer, and being from Baltimore, where Snoballs are a way of life in the warm weather, and having grown up with the larger nuggets of crushed ice made by the locally manufactured SnoMaster machine, I prefer the Hawaiian style shaved ice which has become more popular here in the past 10 years. This is also New Orleans style and the machines say Sno Wizard on them I believe. They use blocks of ice.