Filet Mignon
2006/01/23 10:03:06
I checked out two independent donut places Sunday AM. I was going to write something nice about the places that manage to compete with Dunkin Donuts, every day. One is within sight of a Dunkey, and the other, near a highway exit, is the only doughnut place for several miles. The place near the Dunky's had 2 sitdown customers, plus me when I went in. The Dunky had a line to get into the parking lot. DD has never served me a stale donut.......they are not great, but they are fresh. Both of the donuts that I got at the independent places were on the edge of stale. They were stale enough for me to suspect that they were made on Saturday. I should have gone to Butler's to see how the new owners are doing.
I know that we all love to hate the chains, but some of the small places are not better by virtue of being small.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Stale!!!! 2006/01/23 11:21:40
Sorry to hear that. Can you say which ones you tried out?

Butler's is doing just fine with the new owners as I have found out several times by now !

The most noticeable change is the hours. They are now open seven days a week from 7 to 5 I think.
I got some cream donuts, a few longjohns (made right then and there since the lady in front of me bought 17! Thankfully I only wanted 3), a few jelly and some french crullers. All were fantastic!