Banana with cheese

Junior Burger
2006/01/25 00:12:05
Have you tried this?! This is so yummy...

Get a piece of banana. Slice it in the middle but make sure you don't cut it into half. Cut a slice of cheese that would fit into the banana. Top it with whipped cream and sprinkle some mini chocolate chips!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Banana with cheese 2006/01/26 19:25:27
what kind of cheese are you talking about? I've run mentaly over a few, american, swiss and chedder don"t sound right..perhaps cream cheese? Strawberry cream cheese... I've done that in a sandwich, white bread, cream cheese, strawberry jam and bananna, no chocolate or whip cream though. Maybe some chocolate syrup... now this is really starting to sound intriging....
Junior Burger
RE: Banana with cheese 2006/01/31 19:58:16
Sorry to disappoint you but I'm refering to cheddar cheese.. :)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Banana with cheese 2006/02/01 16:17:01
I've tried hard to wrap my mind around this, but I just can't. It sounds terrible.
RE: Banana with cheese 2006/02/01 18:26:12
I don't think I can hack banana with cheese, but I like to slice up bananas on a peanut butter and grape jam sandwich.
Old No.7 Brand
Junior Burger
RE: Banana with cheese 2006/02/02 15:57:33
Yeah...I'm all for interesting combinations, but I think I'd give this one a miss aswell....How does Cheddar work with the Banana's sweetness? Maybe if you combined just the Banana and Cheese, top with brown sugar, and Grill until the cheese melts and Sugar caramelised. This might mellow the "cheesiness" a little, and just help them to mix.

Banana and Bacon on the other hand! That's bloody awesome!