Who lives in Chicago near Vienna Beef?

Junior Burger
2006/01/28 11:21:28
I need some pastrami from the factory store in chicago. They just opened their online ordering www.viennabeef.com but no pastrami. However the lady there said you can buy it there by the pound. I live in Dallas so the drive to the store is a little long. Who can help?
RE: Who lives in Chicago near Vienna Beef? 2006/01/31 22:12:57
LUVpastrami, I live a few miles from the plant but we can get the Pastrami at our local Food Store. I haven't tried it but it doesn't look that great to me. I just bought the Carnige(sp) Deli brand Pastrami at Costco and it was outstanding. I know there are COSTCOS in DFW area. Try It!( I steamed it rather than boiled /microwaved per package instructions)

I feel your pain, born & raised in Chicago, lived in Southlake Tx for ten years just came home in September.