The AristoCRAT's Movie

2006/01/31 18:26:53
Has anyone seen this movie?
Someone told me about it, and I just ordered the DVD.
A friend says it was hilarious....from what I understand it is very very rough as far as language goes... (cant wait!)

Any reviews out there?

And this is NOT the AristoCATS.. not the disney flick...
RE: The AristoCRAT's Movie 2006/01/31 20:43:29
The Aristocrats runs about 95 minutes. We laughed uncontrollably for 90 of those minutes. Thank God for the five minute respite or I would have passed out from lack of oxygen. We saw it at an art theatre in Minneapolis last summer. There was a full crowd of like minded folks, screaming with hilarity from start to finish.

It is exactly as described, "No sex, no violence, just the most unspeakably foul language you have ever heard in you life".

"Why is that funny?" some might ask. You'll just have to rent the movie and find out.

I found out from a friend who has already purchased the DVD, that there is an additional two hours of interviews. I recommend watching them a little at time to avoid exhaustion.
RE: The AristoCRAT's Movie 2006/02/01 01:12:01
I have a friend that works at the local PBS station here in Maine, and has been in broadcasting for too many years, and to me, IF he recommended it, it has to be funny.
He said that Bob Saget was one of the funniest tellers of the "joke".'
I am so looking forward to it.
Other funny comedy shows. and I know this is not a "comedy show", per se but I was so intrigued by the 101 comdeians telling the same raunchy joke in 101 different ways, that I had to get it--
Favorites iare Bill Cosby, and Eddie Murphie Delirious.. If I can laugh harder than the 2 of those combined, then I have made a well deserved purchase.
I am so looking forward to LMAO for quite some time.

Thanks, Mr Roadhouse for your input...

I think my 15.50 investment for a DVD will be quite worth it.
Of course, there will be some Dancing Bul Zinfandel involved while watching it of course!
Still waiting for other reviews!