Steak-Altoona Iowa

Junior Burger
2006/01/31 20:23:23
I've been a Roadfood fan for a long time and I find it STUNNING that The Big Steer in Altoona, Iowa is not a favorite of theirs. I love steak, have eaten alot of their steak favorites, and The Big Steer's Iowa raised corn fed beef steak is special and supreme. Plus, at around $20, they're affordable. They're better than the great steak at Geno & Georgetti's (Chicago)and half the price. Plus, the place is cosy, "old school", and situated next to a good racetrack (Prairie Meadows). I can't believe M & J haven't been there. Best, Bob Nastanovich
Filet Mignon
RE: Steak-Altoona Iowa 2006/02/16 22:51:37
Sure sounds good...........the cost of getting to Altoona might just cut into the $20 steak price, though! (sounds good for someone making a cross country drive..., just like I once enjoyed a good steak in Grand Island , Nebraska)

cause , really, what else is there to do in Altoona? Go look at the house where Tom Arnold lived? Is'nt that known as Tom Arnold's birthplace?

Filet Mignon
RE: Steak-Altoona Iowa 2006/02/16 22:54:42
actually, come to think of it, I think Ottumwa, IA was Tom Arnolds hometown..
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Steak-Altoona Iowa 2006/02/17 00:40:24
And Radar's from "M*A+S*H, too...and the home of the long defunct Sylvania Club, a true roadhouse tavern on Route #34 outside of Ottumwa, run by Herm Seligman, one of the nicest guys there ever was.

I really liked his burgers. I was told his steaks were great, but I never had one. I was a college kid. Herm would have given it to me for nothing, but I'd never ask. He was Aces. Always asked me if I had enough dough. Here's to you, Herm.
The Bear
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RE: Steak-Altoona Iowa 2006/04/22 08:11:39
I am sure - it sounds good. Look here:
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Steak-Altoona Iowa 2006/04/22 08:47:30
I went to college in Fairfield, down the road from Otumwa. I remember the Sylvania fondly. As you say, great burgers