Long Island bound from Minneapolis

Junior Burger
2003/06/07 23:04:49
We are moving east from Minneapolis (via Chicago, Toledo, Penn Turnpike, LIE). Any suggestions for where to eat along the way? In Wisconsin? Pennsylvania?
RE: Long Island bound from Minneapolis 2003/06/08 09:48:57
Madison Wisconsin- Go to the Brat und Brau. Actually they are in the food court at one of the malls. They have great Brats Cheese Curds and local beer!

Toledo Ohio- Tony Packos is a must for their Hungarian Style Hot Dogs and sides.

PA Turnpike- The Summit Diner right off the Somerset Exit about 70 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Long Island- Any Long Island Style Diner. Violetta's Pizza or Roma's Pizza in my hometown of Merrick. And the phenominal Lido Deli in Long Beach one of the best Jewish Deli's on Long Island.
RE: Long Island bound from Minneapolis 2003/06/08 12:11:41
Brooklyn is actually on Long Island (the western most tip). A little geography lesson for you. Stop at world famous Junior's on Flatbush and Fulton for real cheesecake, Greenpoint for any number of fabulous authentic Polish food, and Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge for some brick oven pizza like no other. There's so many interesting food experiences in Brooklyn, you might not even bother going to Long Island.
RE: Long Island bound from Minneapolis 2003/06/08 23:42:31
Yeah, Andy, I actually live in Brooklyn. Never been to the land of Billy Joel. I'm just trying to make crbmn feel good about going there. In any event, Brooklyn's on your way. Make a stop. Every culture is represented with fine culinary delights. On Flatbush Ave. near Park Slope, there's a local Jamaican favorite called Christie's Bakery. Along with the Jamaican bakery standbys like currant roll, coconut turnover, and beef patties, they also have a full kitchen serving meals like oxtails, curry goat, and jerk chicken. Extremely spicy but somehow refreshing on a warm summer day. Brooklyn tour buses stop at this place.