Happy Candlemass Day

Filet Mignon
2006/02/02 05:20:43
If candlemass be dry and fair The half of winters yet to come and mor
If candlemass be wet and foul The half of winters gone at Yule. Chow Jim
Filet Mignon
RE: Happy Candlemass Day 2006/02/02 09:12:15
Of course that blasted rat seen his shadow again could'nt help it with all the news crews with all the bright lights on hell the shadow had a shadow. Chow Jim
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Happy Candlemass Day 2006/02/02 13:35:17
Hello All,
"Down with the rosemary, and so
Down with bays and misletoe,
Down with holly, ivy, all
Wherewith ye dress'd the Christmas hall..." Robt. Herrick
A day of liberation for Mary, a day Jesus is first taken to
the temple. A day for us to light a candle and begin to shine.
Take Care,