Food & Trust

Junior Burger
2006/02/09 23:52:24
Here's something I think of once in awhile. If a dog doesn't like someone, I usually won't like them either. A dog just has a sense about people, and can usually tell if they are up to no good. ( I know, I know, there are some bad dogs too!) you trust someone who doesn't like food??? And, they are out there. I don't trust them's not normal to dislike eating! Think about that.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/10 01:04:53
They just have other obsessions. Until I was about 13, I wouldn't hardly stop to eat. Baseball was too important to me. I didn't even want to stop to come in and eat. I cared a lot more about developing a curve ball than where one could get the best sweetbreads.

I was terribly skinny. My mother begged the doctor: "Dr. Solomon, make him eat."

"He'll eat, Mrs. ScreenBear...don't worry....he'll eat."

He was right.

Some folks carry their other preoccupations into adulthood and never do develop a discriminating palate. Food to them is fuel. When they run low, they think to fill up.

Good...more food for us.
The Bear
Filet Mignon
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/10 06:29:53
Well kid I have to disagree with you. I once dated a girl that was Very pickey about what she ate and that was a long list. But on the other hand there were other things she loved to consume. At that time I liked her Alot. Chow Jim
Filet Mignon
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/10 08:39:01
For as long as I was around, my dad just ate whatever was put in front of him. It didn't matter what it was. I think because he was diabetic, he just looked at food as "fuel". I'll admit, he did look dubious a few times when I was in more experimental "nouvelle cuisine" phases, but he still ate it.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/10 14:43:14
Originally posted by Jimeats

Well kid I have to disagree with you. I once dated a girl that was Very pickey about what she ate and that was a long list. But on the other hand there were other things she loved to consume. At that time I liked her Alot. Chow Jim

Oh my.
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/12 11:09:38
Jimeats, you are incorrigable.

I don't really trust a grown person with a HUGE list of food aversions or those who view food as simply "fuel" and only necessary. They usually have other issues as well.

There was this one woman at work who would not touch anything with corn (including anything with even trace amounts of corn syrup of starch), all peppers from the hottest to the mildest green pepper, any meat (including Jello and cheese made with rennet), and the list went on. She was a total freak with control issues. Eating wass a chore to her. (She's not dead; just moved on)

Another woman from work started not eating any animal that was featured in the "Babe" movie and now considers killing animals "murder." Hello?

My mother's husband would eat whatever was put in from of him as long as it wasn't leftovers (I LOOOOOVE leftovers). He had NO SOUL and was a loathsome, mental case.

My cousin's kid is autistic. He will only eat plain noodles, cheese pizza and french fries (all the gluten and casen foods he shouldn't have, but is fed). His brain misfires and his diet is at least partially responsible. Not to find fault with autism, but food is a big issue in brain development. Some people get brain damage when exposed to foods that a genetic disease makes it impossible to process certain proteins.

We all have likes and dislikes, but I love people who think food is an adventure and a social possibility. I love to make food and call in people to share it with. I love to be around people who feel the same way. I love my Chinese friend who eats just about anything including parts I wouldn't normally consider.

How rich a country are we when people can afford to be picky?

Sorry. Point is: I don't trust or understand people who don't really enjoy food.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Food & Trust 2006/02/12 12:19:51
Still, even though I love food for all the reasons, both good and bad, I know many people who have no great passion for food.

And yet, they don't seem to have any wild issues either. They eat three meals and go about their business. They may be into sports, antiques, business, etc. That's their passion.

I'm one of 19 guys (one has unfortunately died) who have been friends since we were little. Consider this a microcosm. Of the 19, only 5 or 6 (including me) is really wild about food. Actually, I never thought about it before, but it's true. It has me thinking.

The three most ardent eaters (myself included) have often been referred to in the group as the Big 3. Thankfully, in our late 50s, we are all at fairly decent weights. Well, one isn't...but after a very serious operation, I think he will be more attentive to moderation now.

Oddly, one of the fellows who is on the borderline between the eaters and the non-eaters, can eat the most at one sitting. He always won at such competitions. However, he's an athlete at heart and is just conditioned to not indulge himself.

All this said, I think it was Julius Caesar who was quoted as not trusting skinny folks. I don't know it verbatim. But it went something like this:

"Don't give me skinny men who'll plot and scheme all night; but give me fat and jolly men who'll sleep the night through."

Probably, some psychology department at some university might be able to inform if there is indeed some correlation between trustworthiness and a love for food. If there is, you should make me your President.
The Bear