Hours and days

2006/02/10 17:23:32
For those of you that run a cart or concession trailer what hours do sell food and what days and why? I am not trying to be rude but I would rather just hear from food vendors. I sell from 10:30 - 2:00 Mon-Fri. I know it seems like short hours but I do cook my own bbq and even though I only sell for 3 1\2 hours I still put in close to 10-11 hours a day.
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/11 14:13:19
Those are the same hours I run. I run part-time a few days a week. 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. are prime hot dog selling hours. I do a small carnival every once in a while. Like you said for every hour I am open I have a half hour of behind the scenes work. Smoking your own bar-b- que?
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/13 20:03:29
at the present time we are only selling from 8.30am to 12.30pm saturday at our local farmers market while we put our business together..
we were originally only doing this to supplement the costs of doing bbq competitions but our sales have been so good that we are foregoing many contests in favor of the market and plowing the profits back into the business as we are highly opposed to taking out loans. to be really honest we would love to buy bassrockers bbq joint up in georgia but until we have cash money that will remain a nice dream and a reason to keep working 7 days a week (yes i do have another job and it is in a bbq joint--funny isn't it for an acf certified chef??!!)
your hours though are what caught my eye
for my 4 hours of sales on saturday my cooking schedule looks like this;
9am. load truck with the generators and go out to our rig (florida mfd approved)
10am fire off the gennies and start prepping
11am briskets go in, pork picnics in. start smoking at 145-155f
3pm. raise heat to 185f
5pm. raise heat to 215f
4am. make brisket gravy
6am. wife arrives with the tow rig
7am. set up at farmers market and fire smoker to 400f
7.20am biscuits and cornbread muffins go in
8am. chicken goes in
8.30 sales start
8.45 chicken is ready with glaze set
i guess you can see now why i was a little taken aback by your hours. granted everything we are doing is to competition standards but that has paid off in the fact that our brisket sales are 25 cooked pounds (not raw weight) in 4 hours and the pork is almost the same. bear in mind that florida is a not a beef bbq state so our beef sales are a suprise to everyone including the owner of the bbq joint i work part time for but are an end result of our not compromising on quality (we were 2nd in the state at the fba championships in 2004 for brisket)
so in my opinion if all you are cooking is 8 hours can you send me some tricks???
ps. our smokers are one FEC100 and two SM150 all NSF approved
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/14 08:42:00
Check out selling the product to Oriental or Latino markets. You got the fire going and throwing an extra few pieces on the grill only costs more for the meat.

I sell live chickens to both market types to skirt meat inspection "problems". I sell livestock...not meat.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/14 14:13:26
Prisonchef I see your in StAugistine. Is that that the flea market your referring to? If so where are you in the market
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/14 20:14:21

I can relate. Your hours look good to capture the lunch business and not overtax yourself.

I sell Island BBQ (Jerk). Initially, I operated my concession trailer as a take-out restaurant 11-7. That's 8 hours, plus 2 hours of prep (I marinade my meat overnight), 2-3 hours of cook time, and 1 hour travel time for a grand total of about 14 hours to make anywhere from $100 - $1000 per day, but usually on the lower end. Plus don't forget shopping time. The bulk of the business occured between 11-2. Needless to say, you'll burn-out pretty quick doing that.

Now I cater and do a farmer's market as a one-person operation. For the market which operates from 9-3, I'll spend:
1 hr shopping and 2 hrs preping the day before.
1 hr travelling and setting up.
3 hrs cooking
4 hrs selling from 11-3
1 hr cleaning up and travel
That's 12 hours of work for $600 plus consistently and a lot of fun. Farmer's Market customers on average are usually more pleasant that your average take-out customer. Some weekends I'm fortunate to have a catering order that will double my revenue with very little additional work. My best week was probably selling $600 plus within 3 hours going non-stop.

Jack, my hats off to you. As you know, I don't cook any bbq that takes more than 3 hours. If it does, I just butterfly it or cut it up so it takes 3 hrs or less cook time. I've yet to try this with brisket.

RE: Hours and days 2006/02/15 16:10:35
no it is not the flea market but that would get you on the right road.
just take 207 to where it joins sr312. go past us1 and over the bridge.
go two more lights to a1a and go left.
the farmers market sets at the amphitheater about 1 click down
it will be on your right side
hours are from 8.30am to 12.30pm on saturdays
ps. we are the only ones in this area doing brisket. no resturants are.
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RE: Hours and days 2006/02/15 16:19:08
8-4 seven days a week
RE: Hours and days 2006/02/16 16:10:56
try this idea. it works well for me when i over produce.
when you have the time smoke a brisket. 14 pounder packer will take about12 hours at 225f. go for an internal of at least 180f but not over 190f. now wrap the thing in film and then heavy duty foil and freeze it. to reheat just defrost 24 hours and put it in your smoker to reheat. do not unwrap. in my case i do that at 225f for 3 hours and then hold around 165f but as long as you leave it wrapped it isn't critical.
i always have one in the freezer done this way just in case we get a last minute custom order.