Health in the Workplace

2006/02/17 16:47:23
I meant to post this one a few days ago... NOROVIRUS. Need I say more? We had a Blimpie here in the NW side of town that made a hundred or so customers sick. They went thru extensive sanitation, but due to the publicity, had to finally close. Last week, it was found that in Lansing, late in January alot of customers at Carrabas became sick from the same virus. Late last week I heard of something similar in Chicago. Seems all where blamed on a single employee being sick.

Now from what I gather on the norovirus infection is that you become violently ill for 24 hours, the flu symptoms in the worse way. If it's a 24 hour bug, does this mean the employee is comming to work sicker then a dead dog, or does this virus linger after the effects? How would an employer know this? (Other then after the fact he lost his business).. I understand santiation to the max helps, but does it prevent this? To me it scares me that either an employee, or customer at a buffet or salad bar could wreak such serious havoc.
RE: Health in the Workplace 2006/02/19 18:08:38
I contracted a similar disease, called Norwalk virus.
It also was called "Cruise Ship Disease", as many cruise goers on a particular ship got it from food that was improperly prepared, or sitting out too long, etc.
My reasoning behind why I got it is 2 fold. I really dont know how I got it for sure.
One-I was working at a place that had 64 items on it's salad bar, and the servers did all the prep for it.
No one else got sick there.
Two-I used to live in Cocoa Beach, and Port Canaveral is the 2nd largest cruise ship port. We had many people from the cruise eat at our restaurant, and maybe I contracted it off of them, just by touching their plates or glasses. I am not a DR and have no clue.
At the time I got it, there had been an outbreak of the illness aboard a cruiseship.
And I am a chronic hand washer.. Odd, huh?
All I have to say is: Think you feel bad when you have food poisoning, or the flu???
I wanted to die, I was so ill, and it lasted several days.
Very violent illness on the tummy and beyond.
NOTHING compares to that illness.
I found a link describing it.
Oh, boy, I had totally forgot about it until this topic.
I stayed home for 3 days.
Just found the above link when it happened in Fla.