Raisin Cream Pie

2003/06/09 22:49:47
I know there are some fans of this Midwestern/Southern treat out there. I've never seen it in Vermont or New England, but would love to find it! While in Chicago there was a period where I used to frequent Baker's Square (chain, I know, but I was less enlightened) and they always used to have it on the menu -- but not have it when I was there.

My questions about the stuff are:
1) the best one I ever had was in an unassuming ugly modern-building family style restaurant just north of Prairie du Chien, WI. Does anyone know the place?
2) anywhere in New England/New York that I can get my fix?
3) where is raisin cream pie really popular? I've seen it most often in rural Wisconsin and Ohio.
4) what are your favorite spots?
5) how do you like it? I'm a fan of thick custard that's about half rasins, thin topping of whipped cream, graham cracker crust. Oh, and cinnamon.

Help me get my fix, even if it's only through this forum.
RE: Raisin Cream Pie 2003/06/14 19:14:15
Jeez, I would've thought one of you foodies out there would've had this treat! C'mon help me out!