Green Bay WI Chili

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/02/19 20:43:59
Anyway we always called it that.My Dad used to visit his sister in Fremont WI and always managed to bring either some chili back or some mix from his drive from Chicago.I remember it was super greasy,and Dad ground the meat fine.He served the beans in a separate pan that was your option.Saltine crackers were the side.Anyone know where i can buy Green Bay Chili online?If so,thanks!
Junior Burger
RE: Green Bay WI Chili 2006/04/30 00:55:54
Green Bay's Chili Johns used to have a place in Milwaukee where I ate the stuff almost every weekday. I've yet to take the weight off but that's another story. Yes, it was greasy. Suet was the grease and if you didn't eat it fast while it was hot, the bowl would darn near turn solid! Well, they closed up the Milwaukee store so when I get in Green Bay, I make it a point to eat at Chili John's. I swear that they have taken the suet out of the recipe. Probably too many customers having chest grabbers at the counter. IMO, Real Chili in Milwaukee is so close to Chili John's in taste and appearance that few would notice a difference.