Florida Central Gulf Coast Trip Report

Junior Burger
2006/02/20 15:22:20
Just returned from Crystal River, Homosassa area. Here are a few spots that we found that we really enjoyed:
Charlies Fish House - Crystal River. There are several references in these forums to Charlies. We found the food good and the service good. Grouper Cakes, Tilapia, Fried Shrimp, Broiled Sea Scallops.. all very tasty and the place is right on the water.

Annies Cafe - Cedar Key. Great out of the way place to stop for lunch. Ramshackel old place with a deck out on the dock. We had Crab Cake Sandwich and a Cheesburger. Good atmosphere. The kind of place you may not want to stop unless you had a recommendation. Will definitely stop there again. (Annies grandaughter runs it now.)

Pecks Old Port - Ozello (near Crystal River). This is a very old place that has had several unkind reviews on these forums in the past. We found the food good, service fine, and the view over the water at sundown to be outstanding. As far as the drive goes, yep, its about 10 miles from Crystal River down through the marsh and over the islands through a wildlife sanctuary. But thats the reason we came to this area in the first place! We ejoyed it.

Boston Cooker in Spring Hill. Kind of a busy place in a strip mall setting. Food was good and service was good. Maybe not the place you would drive many miles for, but the seafood was fresh and well prepared.

One of our fun lunch stops.. Hudson Beach Inn and Hotel in Hudson Beach. This place is as on the water as you can get in that part of the country. Fantastic views of the gulf right across the narrow street, with nothing but an open beach shelter blocking the view. Good sandwiches, chowder, and burgers. A nice mid-day stop.

Hope this helps someone else that may be headed in that direction.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Florida Central Gulf Coast Trip Report 2006/02/20 15:31:31
Thanks for taking the time to post this.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Florida Central Gulf Coast Trip Report 2006/02/20 15:33:25
I especially appreciate it as I'm usually over in the Crystal River area about once a month. I'll print this for future reference.
Thank you.