Fastest text messaging?

Junior Burger
2006/02/23 18:13:18
Anyone into text messaging? I do it cuz I'm broke and I get cheap unlimited texting. What do you think is the fastest way? I ask because I had a sidekick up to about a month ago, then somehow managed to drop it into a glass of water in my sleep (great aim, huh?) and lost it to the water demons. I used to think that there was nothing faster than a qwerty keyboard, but have now found simple ol' predictive text is already on my cell phone and learned how to use it here: So yeah, inane topic o' the day: what's the fastest way to text message? I vote for T9.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Fastest text messaging? 2006/02/24 17:05:38
dropped it in a glass of water in your sleep?? are you blonde or just blonde tendencies? Sorry couldn't resist! I've watched my daughter and friends text back and forth all night.. Personally... I need a magnifyin glass to see the screen and those itty bitty buttons?? fagetabout it! Most of the time I can't understand what people are SAYING on cellphones let alone try to read and type.........
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Fastest text messaging? 2006/02/24 17:17:27
On the rare occasions I send text messages, I can type them infinitely faster than trying to argue with T9 about what I'm trying to say. Is this an affliction that only affects those of us who spent over half our lives conversing within 6 tightly coiled feet of the kitchen wall phone?
Junior Burger
RE: Fastest text messaging? 2006/02/24 18:21:49
Heh, first, yes, I am blonde, but I think it was a mark of my skill rather than idiocy, it was a small glass of water.

I too struggled with T9 (I'm in my 30's, not my teens) for a while, then suddenly realized that it was possible to scroll through the words it was predicting, if I were looking at them, faster than I could scroll through letters by pressing each key a zillion times. But, if you really want to learn, check the tutorial on the website, once you get it it makes the old fashioned ABC texting seem paleolithic.