Cookware ... and Cable ???

Filet Mignon
2006/02/26 10:07:46
I'm setting up a kitchen from scratch and have to think about getting cookware. Pretty much cooking for one or two, but I need good sized stockpots too.

I've been using All-Clad and been pretty happy with it -- although I find it gets a little dingy looking overtime. And it is pretty expensive.

I'll be cooking over gas.

Any suggestions ???

Part Two: The forum on page loading speed has me thinking. I started my broadband life -- years ago -- with cable and found it would bog down ... I suspect because the neighbors were sapping up bandwidth. I switched to DSL and have been pretty happy. Now I see cable ads saying they are faster than DSL ???

I do a lot of uploading.

Anybody have experience to share?

RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/02/26 15:20:27
I have purchased several All-Clad pieces at the company's huge semi-annual "seconds" sales that are held in May and December near its headquarters in Canonsburg PA, about a half-hour drive south of Pittssburgh on I-79. You can use this link to get on All-Clad's sale mailing list.

Recently, I read BT's recommendation on this website for ScanPan nonstick titanium cookware, which is oven-proof to 500 degees. I'm really happy with the two fry pans that I bought at .
RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/02/27 10:16:58
I bought a large selection of ScanPan shortly after my wife and I got married.

It is still good as new - easy to clean...

I wouldn't recommend any other brand!

Filet Mignon
RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/02/27 11:38:08
I don't have a clue about the cookware, but I know that my cable connection is about 20x faster than the DSL at my office.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/03/03 02:18:48
Cable can be quite a bit faster then dsl but it it still subject to overuse by your neighbors. The node shares the bandwidth. Whereas dsl is a straight shot to the central office and rarely bogs down. It also looks like current cable pricing is higher then dsl in most areas.


P.S. A node in this case would be several houses tied into one point for transmission to another point. Several houses could be 1 or 100, all sharing the bandwidth.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/03/03 02:20:12
As for cookware don't bother with the Ultrex stuff HSN pushes. I was very unhappy with what I bought.

RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/03/03 02:44:56
That's right Mike $45.95 for Cable $19.95 for DSL plus if they provide the modem it's $3.95 a month for cable free for DSL At that price I'll take the Buick over the Caddy anyday.
RE: Cookware ... and Cable ??? 2006/03/03 13:36:36
I have been on cable modem for the last 3 years. I just moved and had to switch to DSL-Net Racer.
DSL has been installed for about 2 hours now, and I find it is just as fast as my cable connection was.
I am not sure if it helps that I am about 2 miles from the central office or not though. The installer seemed to think so, as he made the comment that I had a very fast connection when he did the load test.
When I had Bellsouth DSL, the connection was not as fast as the cable connection back when I lived in Fla. That was why I had switched to cable.