Full Moon BBQ Birmingham, AL

Fire Safety Admin
2003/06/12 20:44:35
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Full Moon BBQ in Bham. It is a competitor of Dreamland. They have 3-4 locations and I tried both the rib sandwich and the pork sandwich. Both were very good, but the pork sandwich was unique with large chuncks of very brown crispy pieces of pork. If you really want to make it spicy, order a side of chow-chow. The chow-chow has a real spicy mustard taste with lotsa tangey flavor. The cole slaw was interesting with bell and red pepper added

These hole in the wall locations was very busy which was indicative of goood BBQ

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Junior Burger
RE: Full Moon BBQ Birmingham, AL 2003/06/13 01:23:14
Glad to hear you liked the Full Moon it has always been a favorite of mine. B'ham has several good BBQ Places. Bob Sykes in Bessemer would be one of those that is recommended both here and other places.