Subway shop revenue?

2006/03/03 08:55:50
Does anybody know how much money a Subway takes in each day? A good shop? And average shop? A bad shop?

I asked our local Subway and was told they sell 300 sandwiches a day. If you multiply that times $6 or $7 (including chips and drink), that comes out to around $1800 per day.

I wonder also, in this segment of the restaurant industry, what the profit margin is. When all expenses are paid, how much of that $1800 does the owner put in his/her pocket?
RE: Subway shop revenue? 2006/03/03 09:11:14
Subway's isn't listed, but check out this link for average sales per restaurant.
RE: Subway shop revenue? 2006/03/06 15:59:34
Roots, thanks. Here is an article on Subways that suggests they can make 8000-10,000 a week.
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RE: Subway shop revenue? 2006/03/08 00:01:06
As with any national chain, sales figures will vary widely. I have seen Subways for sale with annual sales of less than $150,000. Subways product costs are high because of the "pre-prepared" nature of their sandwich fixins. They take a hefty royalty of your top line sales and they will not give you a protected territory.

Always get a list of current & former franchisees and contact as many as you can. Some will give you sales figures, but remember, some will also "fib" a little bit about how they are doing.

RE: Subway shop revenue? 2006/03/08 00:33:42
The lack of protected territory must be true because in this county there's nine outlets and four owners. The product costs I think would be low because they bake the bread and everthing else is processed or jarred except a couple veggies. I don't know the pct. they pay but I think they are over saturating the market, heck there are twice as many as McD's aroung here.I think they allow too many in an area. You wouldn't be happy if you bought one and someone opened another one a few blocks away and that's happening. Also I have seen more of them come and go than any other chain. I'd be carefull.