Concession rent

2006/03/03 09:46:47
This topic has already been discussed in a forum but I was wondering what most people pay for rent to place their trailer. I'm not asking for a dollar amount. I'm planning on placing a trailer by a college campus for late nite weekends and I need to know what I should go to property owners with. Do most of you pay a % of sales or a flat rate? If you pay a % what is the percent 5%, 10%?
RE: Concession rent 2006/03/03 12:17:54
Try working it for free. Let the property owner know you will clean up any trash that may be tossed on their property, and maybe offer to stuff one of their flyers in every bag... Just a thought...
Filet Mignon
RE: Concession rent 2006/03/03 12:53:48
When I sold sweet corn and other veggies at the side of the road the lot owner let me use the lot for free, as long as I realized that (wink wink) I was there without his permission. (insurance?) I gave him a dozen ears of corn twice a week or so.

A customer who rents space in a midway pays 25 to 50% of sales depending on the deal that she can work out.
RE: Concession rent 2006/03/03 13:34:58
If you sell good food offer to feed them,in lieu of rent.
EddyBees Dogs
RE: Concession rent 2006/03/04 01:36:08
Work out some kind of deal for sure. I have set up for free, if I give the landlord or manager free food. I have also worked it as a percentage, I did 10%.