how do I successfully upload my photos ?

Filet Mignon
2006/03/05 23:44:35
I have some roadfood pics on the website, but I am trying to paste into the forums, without much luck!

I DID get some teamwork assistance on the "where do I eat" we do finally have easy access to my pic of the pastrami and hot dog at pastrami dans in naples fl...

I got real lucky for the assistance, but I need help for the future!!

I need serious pasting lessons! Help!!

thanks from ellen
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/06 17:48:07
(Okay ... having now read Al-The Mayor-Bowen's post, below ... when I wrote the following novel about hotlinking I had NOT noticed that The Roadfood Forum provided the option of hosting the photo right here on the Roadfood forum's server ... that's pretty generous! Hosting photos takes storage space and that takes $$$.
In light of this, the following is a tutorial for how to hotlink from other websites or photo hosting sites.

Also, note that these methods will also work using the "quick reply" feature, provided you know the URL of the photo you want to use.)

In any case ... FIRST read Al's post just below this one ;-)

Hi Ellen,

To insert a photo into your post in the forums there are two basic methods and they are both known as "hotlinking".

Hotlinking is where, rather than actually uploading the photo from your computer to the Roadfood forum ... you instead type the URL (internet address) of a photo which you've found at some other website into your message post ... and with some extra characters typed at the beginning and end of the URL/address ... voila, the photo appears in your post.

Of the two methods one is pretty simple ... the other is a bit more complicated.

First the simple one:

Say you have found a photo of a beautiful pastrami sandwich you'd like to include in your message post. And let's say the photo is on a website you visited.

At that website You would copy the URL/Internet-address for that photo (let me know if you need instructions on how to find a photo's URL at a website) .... as an example say the URL text of that photograph is:

To get that actual photo into your forum post ... you would type-in (or copy and paste), the above URl into the text of your post ... AND THEN at the beginning and end of the address add the characters which I've made RED in the following example ...

Please note that in this example ... you are to use the two areas of text in RED, and the URL of your photo in between them, ONLY. (ie. disregard the other text there such as "URL=http ... imageshack" etc etc)
... also note that there is a forward slash (/) before the letters "img" in the red text at the end of the example.

That's it ... this will cause the photo on that other website to show in your forum post here.

(one final note ... if you are trying to hotlink to a photo which is at a website that you had to type in a password to get into; or had to choose a password when you joined the website as a member ... you might not be able to hotlink to that photo.
When that is the case, and you really want to use that photo ... the way to use that photo is to save a copy of that photo on to your computer, and then use the second method which I outline in the following paragraphs.)

NOW ...

The second, more complicated method is important to know also.
This method involves using a website such as the free photo-hosting website "Imageshack" to upload your photo from your computer to ... and THEN you put the URL into your post ... again with some extra text at the beginning and end ... to make it appear here at the forum.
This is how you do it when the photo you want to show only exists stored on your computer and is not yet available elsewhere on the Intenet.

The link to Imageshack is:

Some basic instructions to use the site are:
1) go to the imageshack site
2) click the "browse" button there
3) in the resulting screen, find the photo you want to upload on your computer
4) click "host it"
5) the result will be an Imageshack screen with a number of different pre-formatted lines of text from which you simply select one ... and copy and paste it into your post at the Roadfood forum.

Which line of text to use?? ... well, I suggest using the selection titled
"Hotlink for forums (1)"

Like I say ... you just copy that link (making sure you copy it completely from end to end) ... and past it into the post you are writing back here at the roadfood forum.

One final note.
Figuring out how to do things on computers, and online, is most often a factor of one thing ... the amount of time you spend poking at it relentlessly.
The Imageshack site might seem confusing at first but if you stick with it and keep trying it, you will get it ... and once you know the sequence of how to do it ... then it will seem simple.

Good Luck Ellen!

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/06 18:14:00

Loading them onto the roadfood site is relatively easy these days.

1. Have the photo available in a file on your computer hard drive (and know how to find it). It should be sized to 200kb or less for easy loading. Many of the ones I have loaded were 'errored' in the process because they were larger files. I have never had a 200kb or smaller file kicked back in the current process.

2. Go to the top right of this page and click on Upload Photo's. When the new page opens-
a. type a descriptor that you want to use for the photo in the box labeled TAGLINE. This is not a is an identifier for you to help remember which photo is which.
b. Then use the BROWSE Button to locate your photo in the file where you have it stored. Highlite the foto you want to upload and click the save button.
c. When you have completed those two on the ADD PHOTO Button, and wait for the upload to be completed. I am on dial-Up so this takes me a little time.

When the upload is completed a message is displayed saying that the photo has been uploaded. Your tagline should then show at the latest entry in your list of photos on that same page. Next to the TAGLINE will be a URL for the photo. Highlight the WHOLE URL (be sure to get all the brackets etc.) Then go to your Edit Button at the top of your computer page and click COPY.

The final step is to then go to your post..either a new one or one you have posted and are editing. Click it open and (using the edit button on your computer again)PASTE the Whole URL for the photo into the post...either before, in the middle, or at the end of your message.

NOTE You cannot do this if you are using the 'Quick Reply' to a post on any topic. You must us the "reply to this Topic" (thats the one that allows you to change fonts and color and bold etc. when you make a post.)

I will post this now and read it a couple of times to see if it makes sense to me. if not I will try to walk you thru it this evening if you have time.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/06 19:23:48
It would be sweet if i could just send a photo directly from my camera.
Filet Mignon
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/06 20:34:41
it was a success!!

thanks so much guys!!!!

Please make sure to check out my "Naples/Ft. Myers/ south florida trip report under "where should I eat?"

guaranteed to make you salivate for some good road food.....(hot dog or a pastrami anyone??!?)

p.s. hey , Al-the-mayor.........I did try calling you about an hour ago, (as you were nice enough to suggest) as I was STUCK (I'm not good with the "copying and pasting")......but your phone kept ringing, as you were probably on your dial up computer.... I relied on some "back up" assistance by calling my 15 year old niece...... I know she is always on the internet, and sure enough, she apparently is a copying and pasting specialist...she walked me thru it...

(hopefully it will be easier for me next time)

thanks again,

and I think I will send a copy of the Pastrami Dans report to Dan himself, via snail mail..

talk to you soon,
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/06 20:54:19
Ellen, I keep a second line in just for the darn dialup stuff. But I was working on Family Tree Maker on line and talking to a senior auntie in Missouri, transcribing dates and locations for her branch of the tribe. Sorry. I heard the 'beep', but couldn't stop what I was doing. Glad you found an expert close to home. For me it is my boys. I have 6 sons, all of whom are much more computer wise than I am!!
I saw your work. it looks good
Filet Mignon
RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/07 22:30:40
thanks again, al-the-mayor...

I seem to need editing help as do I get those pics to come out smaller on the screen? They took up much more space than I intended....

p.s. my teenage niece lives almost 2 hours away, but she walked me thru it on the phone.....

I may still need your valuable assistance in the near future, Al...

RE: how do I successfully upload my photos ? 2006/03/08 20:20:10
Originally posted by jeepguy

It would be sweet if i could just send a photo directly from my camera.

Oh, if life were only so simple. I just posted my first photo from a URL today....
Now, to try one from my PC.