Tasties Donuts

2006/03/07 17:55:02
Anyone know if this donut place is still open in Hartford on New Park Ave? I'm not sure of the spelling and can't find it in the phone book.
RE: Tasties Donuts 2006/03/15 10:22:49
I found Tastease today on New Park Ave in Hartford, just south of Park Ave. Its a little hole in the wall but has a selection of over 50 flavors of small donuts. Everything from Health bar to orange and banana, even peanut butter and jelly donuts. Besides donuts they also serve roast pork and cuban sandwiches. The place is small inside but clean and well lit, doesnt look like its been open too long. There is only 1 small table but the 4 customers in front of me all took there sandwiches to go. It was definately worth checking out and I will go back, next time a pork sandwich to go with my donuts.
Unkle Lunkle
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RE: Tasties Donuts 2008/04/04 16:58:07
YES they are still open! I'm a regular with an expanding waistline. I was just there today and will be posting a review on Roadfood.com early next week.