Mexican food bonanza

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/03/05 14:34:19
Here in Fresno, CA, we have a plethora of authentic mom & pop Mexican food places.. there are actually 4 of them within a half mile of my house! Not all the new places that pop up, survive, because even though one is "authentic", one has to be top notch because you are competing with others just as "authentic". Some of the best include:
Mario's on Divisidero. Home of the kitchen sink nacho plates. House made chips smothered in Chili Verde, housemade salsa, guacamole, mexican sour cream, Jack cheese, and some sort of secret "chili sauce".
Robertito's, a Fresno legend. A popular local chain with homemade tortillas and awesome burritos of every stripe. Watch out for their 5 alarm chile verde! Open 24/7.
Alberto's, another local chain with the most succulent carne asada around.
Don Pepe's. A little hole in the wall joint with ice cold cerveza and great tortas (Mexican sandwiches). This place is full to the gills every lunchtime. Favored by the local Fire Dept. Don't forget to visit their condiment bar!
All the places I've mentioned have drive thrus except Don Pepe's. Don's is indoor eating and takeout, Robertito's and Mario's have limited outdoor and indoor seating. The Alberto's on Willow not only has ample indoor seating but a large children's play area!
And this is just the beginning.. there are dozens more, where you'd swear you'd crossed the border!
carlton pierre
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/03/19 06:04:35
Jennifer, I've found Dalton, GA to be the same as you describe in Fresno. One Mexican place after another, all of them very good. I'm seeing more and more Mexican places in general as I get around, but a few areas with higher concentrations of them.
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/03/19 11:35:34
Maybe this is the unintended side benefit of NAFTA. We now have two pretty darn good Mexican food places in Columbia, Missouri, one of which is run by Hispanics with mucho experience cooking Mexican food in Texas and Mexico, and the other, little more than a hole in the wall, that's run by a gringo who's passionate about Mexican food.

The first is Casa Grande, which does a variety of Mexican food (some Tex-, some not), and does most of them well. The non-Tex-Mex things they do that I like include a pretty fair mole enchilada and a chile verde that forms the basis for some chilaquiles of the type I'd only previously found in Mexico. Then on the weekend, they break out the *real* interior Mexican stuff such as lengua and tripas, mostly for the growing Hispanic community in town.

The other place, Carlito's, is good because their "rico" tacos and such feature a very nice salsa mix, generously seasoned with cilantro. It's an un-Tex-Mex twist that I like.

However, I've learned that just because a Mexican food place in the midwest is owned by Hispanics, it doesn't necessarily mean that the food is good. I can think of several places in the area that are really bad. But we'll let tehm languish anonymously.
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/03/19 11:42:52
In my opinion from traveling around I still say that the "Mexican Food Belt" Starts in Oklahoma, travels through Texas, then enters New Mexico where it branches North through Colorado and Utah and also continues westward into Arizona and California. Personally I really don't go out of my way to try Mexican food elsewhere due to past dissapointment.
mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/04/02 02:02:09
Good Mexican food has come to Portland and the Willamette valley. Taco Rico in Gresham was 2 blocks from where I worked and I was fequently the only Anglo. Burrito Loco has 3 locations in Porland, La Sirenita has out of this world burritos. Every little town in the Willamette valley seems to have Mexican eats/. I have eaten in Texas and Arizona and California and our joints here are not as consistently good but I still love to eat in them.
Filet Mignon
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/04/03 10:52:51
Originally posted by mr chips

Good Mexican food has come to Portland and the Willamette valley.

There's also a good one in McMinnville, been there at least 5 years. I of course can't pull the name out of my cobwebby brain at the moment.
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/04/05 08:44:21
enginecapt.... how are ya??
haven't heard from you since i ditched ICQ.. and was wondering how you were.. drop me a line sometime ok?? peachpie9 asked me about you today through an email - she wanted to know where you'd gone.. saw that you had made this post as recently as 4/3 so i figured you weren't gone just that she couldn't find you..
ok.. something on topic so i don't get deleted from here---- we have an authentic mexican restaurant in town-- it's about 10 minutes from my house and the food there is AWESOME.. the name of it is MAZATLAN.. good food and good margaritas!!! ( chips and salsa rock too!)
Sandy Eggo
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/09/08 16:45:01
Mexican food has too many varieties and variations to be lumped into one category. There are "border foods" like tacos (means "snack") and burritos (rolled for transporting). There are many great Mexican Seafood dishes too. The Ceasar Salad is a Mexican invention from Tijuana. The fish taco that surfers ate in Cabo San Luca came to the U.S. and began a craze and even chains like Rubio's and Wahoo's. Some of you may blanch at the thought of a fish taco, buyt they are great when done right. Also let's not forget the (Corona, Dos Equis "XX", and others as well as most tequila. What comes to mind when most Americans think of Mexican food is Taco, Burrito's, Enchiladas and that stuff. It would be like the world thinking American food is just hot dogs and hamburgers.

Authentic Mexican food doesn't use cheddar cheese or monterrey jack or colby. WHen you find a restaurant that makes their beans from scratch, doesn't uses Mexican cheeses and has seafood, mole or perhaps nopalitos on the menu, your probably close to real Mexican food. The "Nachos" and "Tacos" are Americanized dishes.
Filet Mignon
RE: Mexican food bonanza 2005/09/20 02:47:27
Jennifer, I'll be making semi regular trips to Sanger from this Wednesday onward. Any suggestions for good Mexican food in or around there? Take out or eat in, doesn't matter.