Recipe Software Database

2006/03/10 16:06:22
Are any of you out there using software that allows you to build a database of recipes and that will also convert the yields of a recipe? For instance if there is a recipe for 24 servings and I wanted to convert into a yield of 500 is there a program out there that would do that?

Also I am not opposed to purchasing one that already has a recipe database but will allow you to add to it.

Thank in advance for any direction you can provide.
RE: Recipe Software Database 2006/03/10 16:47:33
Won't speak for the company selling it, but I use Mastercook.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Recipe Software Database 2006/03/10 17:16:24
I use mastercook as well. It's fairly easy to use and lets you add both foods and recipes.
Filet Mignon
RE: Recipe Software Database 2006/03/11 15:59:52
Same here--had it long time--and never had a problem with it.