2006/03/12 01:58:46
I can't believe that no one has posted anything about this franchise. Dawn Donuts were a part of my childhood. My grandma would always have them in a white metal drawer for us kids. She called them "fried cakes". You can see some cool old signs at www.agiltynut.com I grew up in Flint Michigan and there is one on Clio Road and one in Saginaw. Any other places survive out there?
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/12 02:27:37
OOps..sorry about that...I mispelled that word. it is a real web site site and i know the person who runs it...it is www.agilitynut.com

RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/12 14:28:25
Forget donuts, Everyone should click the above site and hit "roadside" to see tons of roadfood memorabilia. come on gang, www.agilitynut.com
Junior Burger
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/12 17:20:49
HI everyone I am a pastry chef by trade and have a long family history of baking.Iam truly shocked at how few people have or have not responde to this topic. I dont kmow of Dawns donuts nor have I heard of them. What I do know is that today would be a really good day to bake some pipping hot french apple bread pudding made with some day old donuts mmm good. Has anyone ever tried it? Its delicious
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/12 20:55:42
Here is the link for Dawn Donuts http://www.dawnfoods.com

I ahev not been there is a long time so I will have to go backa dn see if they are as good as they used to be.The old signs are great roadside! I do recommend going to any good country apple orchard as well. They always seem to have great hot donuts and also that cider...YUMMMM!
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/19 20:54:22
I live in Bad Axe, MI and all of the party stores around here have a Dawn Donuts stand, but we do not have the store. I always loved their creme filled doughnuts but haven't bought them in awhile. I think there used to be one in Bay City, but I think it's closed now.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/20 11:51:16
Dawn Donuts! I'm not much of a donut lover, but I have often stopped at Dawn donut places in Michigan while on trips to fish for steelhead, salmon and lake trout. It's been a while, but the donut I like best is the sour cream donut. Yum!
Junior Burger
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/20 12:58:11
There was a Dawn Donuts in Midland, MI in the '60s. The only donut shop in town then, I believe.
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/20 20:35:31
Originally posted by stevencarry

Forget donuts, Everyone should click the above site and hit "roadside" to see tons of roadfood memorabilia. come on gang, www.agilitynut.com

There are some really cool things there.
I clicked the Florida link from the Hotel link and man, I was brought back to my younger days of driving up and down Ocean Drive in my teens..
Wow......memory rush!
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/20 21:23:46
I've never heard of Dawns... But our local (fully blown out) grocery store sells them fried sour cream donuts... Heard an old lady behind the counter call them fried cakes when I asked for a couple.. Funny how you remember these little details.. (And this is in Michigan... Maybe she worked at one somewhere in the past)..

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2006/03/20 22:00:56
That is a Great site!
RE: DAWN DONUTS 2007/02/23 03:36:42
Yeah, her site is the greatest...She is also on Flickr and that is an easier site to manage. She has tons of photos there and some from her roadtrips. Here is the link to a photo of a Dawn Donuts signa dn location...Not many of these originals are left now...


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