Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic"

2006/03/12 19:47:56

Ever since I had the Wolfes Neck Farm beef in Maine, I have been on a search here in SC to find some "Organic" Beef.
I found this at Kroger.
I bought a sirloin steak @10.99/lb.
It seems to be right on with the prices that I paid in Maine.
I will let you know how it tastes.
Mr. Mayor, are you familiar with them? They are in Lexington.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic" 2006/03/12 19:57:45

I have heard of the company, but wasn't aware of the scope of their business. Thanks for posting the link. And give us a quality report of the outcome.
RE: Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic" 2006/03/12 20:06:17
Will do, I am having it for dinner Monday night, as I am making the Runza tonight.
(as soon as the damn dough finishes rising-almost there)
TJ Jackson
RE: Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic" 2006/03/12 22:08:42
Laura's Lean is available in grocery stores all over Cincinnati...I've never picked up any, but this thread has reminded me I should try it sometime
RE: Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic" 2006/03/13 09:23:14
I haven't found Laura's Beef in Florida but we use Painted Hills (from Oregon) frequently for our catering with outstanding results. Quality product (natural beef) that is comming of age.
RE: Lauras Lean Beef-Premium-"Organic" 2006/03/16 19:56:13
Ok, I cooked it ate it, and had a good flavor, but still didnt compare to the Wolfes Neck Beef I got in Maine. I am going to try another cut, a ribeye, and see.
It does cook in less time, like the website indicated... but just didnt do it for me.
Then after I read that CO2 article about keeping meat redder and it isnt fresh also crossed my mind. It was a beautiful red.. but threw the package away before I read that article..

Maybe I had an off night..
I didnt feel so well. Better now though.
But am going to try some more.
And will report back on that.
I think I need a bbq to really give it a good test.
I broiled it, as I did the Maine beef. so it was a comparison under the same cooking conditions.