Taking up my time

2006/03/14 23:23:29
I read BT,Paul,Al,Frank in San Jose, Frank in Milw,Buddy,jeepguy,Michael,T.J.,saps,CSD,Tara
and some others. But what should I do about
the people who take up my time? Tell me and then I'll
tell you what I do.
RE: Taking up my time 2006/03/14 23:44:00
Sorry Dr., I was in a hurry to post because I am celebrating post #'s at great highways and I knew my next would be 395 which runs through Reno down to Death Valley. And I am excited about the upcoming Route 666 The Highway to Hell which runs north to the four corners from Gallup NM
Filet Mignon
RE: Taking up my time 2006/03/15 02:22:37
Let's have a vote: If I start a thread on "How many different complaints can one restaurant owner have (and not be pulling our chains)?" will the moderators delete it?